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fumeFan Max PRO is our most advanced fume extractor.


fumeFan Max PRO absorbs fumes from the soldering process, removing bad smell and retaining the solid particles in the filter. It has LED light which helps you see better. Its variable fan speed from 0% to 100% - makes sure it's not noisy or annoying when you don't need full suction power. 


With its helping hands it will hold your PCB with up to 4 flexible croc clips arms allowing quick and easy PCB height/angle adjustment as well as seamless rotation. A magnifier on a flexible arm will help you see the details of the tiniest components and labels on the PCBs. Last but not leaast a magnet on a flexible arm is there to hold your tools or components handy.

fumeFan Max PRO

    • 120x120 mm Filter Size
    • 12V Power Supply (not included)
    • Variable Speed
    • 4 x LEDs
    • Helping Hands Tool
    • 12 months
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